Australian Preparatory Course Introduction

1.English Course

This course is a purely language learning course. The English courses in Australia are abbreviated as “EAP”, “GE”, “ELSC” and so on. I believe that all of you have found the abbreviations with “E” letters. Is the acronym for English. If the English is not a wise light we can see the learning time and cost up to identify the general language courses are calculated according to the week. The length of the study, the total cost of the weekly fee will be written on the very clear, and there are ready to charge address. Generally with the terms of money will be written quite clear. This is what we consumers want to make good use of.
The language preparation course is for all English students who do not meet the professional course entry points.
Australia has opened a separate English study visa in 2008, which facilitates students who wish to study English in Australia.

2.Foundation Course

University in Australia, for the learning background, the growth of different international students in terms of background, is very challenging. The pre-university program is intended to allow international students to have a buffer process to adapt to university education before entering the undergraduate semester. This undergraduate preparatory course is almost an essential course for all Australian universities.

The Australian Foundation program usually consists of two parts, one is English and one is a professional study. Students in the Foundation program are selected with the undergraduate professional direction is consistent with pre-majors course study.
Australia Foundation Foundation Foundation in the admission, such as FSP, IFC and so on. Australia undergraduate matriculation courses out of the professional classification of the classification is the length and speed of the classification. The choice of the length of the undergraduate matriculation mainly to see the students to provide the IELTS results, because the long matriculation contains language courses. Short matriculation to professional-oriented. It is based on the students ‘grades, that is, the ability to accept points. If the students’ grades are good, they can choose the quick preparatory course and save the foundation course and the first year of the undergraduate course. If students are less receptive to the ability and language, some students can choose a one-year system of pure undergraduate preparatory courses to lay the foundation.

3.PQP Course

Some universities in Australia will have PQP (Graduate Preparation), which is mainly applicable to students of three backgrounds: undergraduate and postgraduate students who have applied for different professions and are concerned about their inability to adapt to graduate students. Graduate students or undergraduate students who do not have a degree. The contents of the preparatory course for graduate students are based on professional basic courses. Students through 4-8 months of study, to achieve the level of entry of graduate students. IELTS does not meet the requirements of language preparatory admission + professional admission or language admission + pre-admission + professional admission.