Public Secondary Schools Introduction


There are more than 200 public secondary schools in the Victorian state of Australia, which are mainly located in the southeast of Melbourne and other quiet and comfortable cities in Victoria. The Victorian Government Public Secondary School has long been known for its excellent teaching quality, high enrollment rate, safe and comfortable learning environment, and good for overseas students. Students who graduated from the Virginia Public School will be awarded the internationally recognized Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE). Students will be able to enter the universities in Australian states and the rest of the world.

Private Secondary Schools Introduction


Private schools in Australia are more well-established than public schools and teachers in hardware and software facilities, and have always been well managed and focused on the education of students ‘moral character while providing a good guide and education for the exploration of students’ Private schools in Australia have a strong demand for students ‘behavior on campus and outside, clothing and so on. They have created students’ gentlemen and ladies. As many commercial giants and political celebrities in Australia are from private schools, Australians want to Children into the prestigious private schools, in the limited places, private school enrollment requirements are quite strict.