First, apply the steps of:

i first phase: a temporary partner visa (subclass309)

ii The second stage: the permanent partner visa (subclass100)

Australian immigration law, couples living together is an important criterion to prove true and lasting bilateral relations. When the spouses do not live together, or very short time acquaintance, spouse visa applications submitted may be subject to more scrutiny to prove their separation is temporary or last resort. And to provide sufficient evidence to show evidence of the relationship between the two sides maintained in a separate residence period.

Second, the eligibility criteria

Of course, married couples, or the fact that the couple (same-sex marriage and spouse in this application has been identified as the fact that husband and wife). This and the fact that marriage and marital relations must be prior to the application already exist. It should be noted that, although the longer the marriage easily through the review, but as long as the marriage is true, can apply immediately after marriage, has not yet heard of refusal records. Fiance / wife, children under 18 years of age (including biological children, stepchildren and adopted children). Other relatives may also serve as vice applicant, but mentally and funded entirely dependent on the principal applicant’s conditions must be met.


Third, the guarantor qualifications:

Guarantor must be an Australian citizen, Australian PR, secured or eligible New Zealand citizen.


Fourth, in special circumstances, the applicant can obtain a permanent visa. the Prerequisite is:

* The applicant and the sponsor have conjugal relations more than three years, or the fact that the marital relationship.

* The applicant and the sponsor have conjugal relations more than 2 years, or the fact that the relationship between husband and wife and have a child.

* Hold a protection visa applicant’s spouse or obtained based PR humanitarian program, and the relationship between the applicant and spouse are before this had been established, and declare to the immigration before.