I. Introduction 457 work visas

457 visa is valid for a four-year work visas for business, overseas applicants nominated by the employer, and guarantee their work visas. 457 in 1996 and the introduction of a visa, the purpose is to meet the domestic shortage of the labor market and the need for specific talents. Since July 1, 2012, immigration authorities set up a special channel for the transfer permanent resident visa holder 457 provides a convenient way. 457 work visas for the main applicant’s request

Principal Applicant must be met:intra-company-transfer-work-visa

1. The company has secured an Australian qualification;

2. This company can nominate applicants for an open position;

3. Nominated duties not to get Australian visa established.

In addition, the visa applicant must prove to the Immigration Department:

1. Applicant has sufficient skills and work experience to prove your nominated to meet the job requirements of the position;

2. Australian employers in accordance with the minimum wage requirements higher than Australia or the minimum wage to pay wages to visa applicants;

3. It employs 457 visa applicants in future to promote Australia’s economic development;

4. Applicant meets the Australian medical requirements;

5. Applicants must meet the IELTS reading said each dictation 5.0 standard

Labor Contract: 

A labor contract is 457 temporary work visa requirement

1. visa application, you must provide a valid employment contract

2. Employer Nomination when the employment contract between the applicant and the owner of any natural effective

3. When signing the contract, the applicant must be able to provide proof of certification or experience to meet the technical requirements of the work of the nomination

Second, the security company 457 work visas and the requirements for nominations
Four smiling employees standing around their manager

Australian companies if you want to guarantee staff from overseas to Australia come, must first apply for immigration guarantee;

When applying, with the guarantee company must prove to the immigration:

1. Australian business of the company registered in Australia, and is a legitimate business in Australia and there is a going concern;

2. Australian company must have the ability to guarantee overseas employees, mainly in terms of financial strength;

3. Also need to hire overseas staff will explain the benefits of Australia, suggesting that the true needs of employees guaranteed, including increasing the number of Australian employees from abroad introduction of new technologies, increase staff training in Australia;

4. At the same time need to prove Australia will continue to provide training for local staff in Australia, in the past fiscal year, the expenditure on training local staff to Australian companies need more than 1% of the annual gross wage bill;

5. In Australia, the security company operated without adverse business information record.

6. Founded running time of less than a year, and there are plans to finance training of new employees.

7. A security company requires:

(1) was established by law in Australia, engaged in legitimate business operations.

(2) to provide proof of the company’s registration information, such as ABN Australian Business Number, ACN Australian Company Number, ARBN Australian Registered Body Number, ASXC ASX and other information.

(3) the company has a detailed business plan for.

(4) the company’s bank statements can show the functioning of the company’s business.

(5) the company’s sales contracts, etc.

If foreign companies want to invest in Australia and from overseas to guarantee staff to Australia, then the file needs to include:

1. The company’s expansion plan

2. Cooperation agreement signed with the Australian partner

3. It signed a contract with the Australian company

Third, how can become owner
There are two ways:
1. apply to become a standard business owner;
2. negotiate a labor contract (not on the lists of occupations) and the Australian Government