The Most Economical Study Pathway in Australia — TAFE

Studying in Australia is more and more concerned about the Australian university tuition fees. Then what is the most economical study pathway? Sinolink recommends Australia TAFE course to you. The course cost is low but quality is high. Advantages are very obvious.

For those students whose college entrance examination scores can only reach the domestic college scores, it is difficult to obtain a bachelor’s degree in the country, and they often consider going to Australia to read the TAFE course in TAFE College and University. TAFE after graduation, you can directly find a job in Australia or transferred to the second year of local undergraduate universities, both save time and effort.

TAFE has huge advantages:

Firstly, TAFE costs less. it is only about half of the ordinary university tuition fees.

Secondly, TAFE language requirements are low: the general TAFE college admission requirements for IELTS score of 5.5 points, students can not meet this requirement, you can also read a section of English.

Thirdly, the employment rate of students after TAFE graduation is higher than that of university graduates. Because vocational education institutions attach great importance to the cultivation of students’ practical ability, they offer a lot of internship opportunities, and TAFE College and the industry have maintained a very good relationship. The company went directly to TAFE College to hire graduates.

Fourthly, students can complete a bachelor’s degree with three years as a direct university. The Australian vocational education is different from the Chinese vocational and vocational training centers. After the TAFE completes the corresponding credits, the students can go directly to the TAFE The college has an agreement with the Australian University to complete the remaining courses.