Message from the Chairman

A drop of water can not be merged into the vast ocean; a tree, unable to form vast forests; a person, they can not grow and develop in Sinolink. 10 years of trials and hardships, 10 years of struggling to open up, our innovative spirit, mark a step forward in linking a solid footprint.

Open early memories of the time, you can still see us through every journey. We bid farewell to the batch after batch of customers, while another batch of customers to become United friend. We believe in the power of good faith, with a sincere heart, will it be possible to outline latitude around the world. Sinolink has not changed the original dream and the belief that we each project, each case have devoted all the enthusiasm, “sincere efforts, Connaught will practice” is the language, communication and exchange with you.

For decades, Sinolink on your concern and encouragement, continue to innovate and development and beyond. I want to thank all who helped my friend in Australia Sinolink and your friendship and support is my motivation to continue moving forward, your confidence and encouragement, created in conjunction brilliant today, your attention and understanding, spur the United pursuit of excellence footsteps.

For You, the only thing we can do is to play our strengths, to provide you with professional, honest, human services; for you know that we continue to pursue, is to continue to serve your innovation excellence tour with you to create a wonderful life!


Group Introduction

Sinolink Migration Services Pty Ltd

Australian immigration consulting business in the Pty Ltd, established in 1997, is headquartered in Melbourne, we have offices in Nanjing, China, and established long-term stable cooperative relations with a number of large Chinese study abroad and immigration authorities, common for China, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia States intends to study in Australia, training, business trips, visiting relatives tourism, all sectors of migrants who provide professional services.

Over the years the company focused, professional overseas immigration services to Australia, making Australia Vanda has become one of Australia’s most influential immigration consulting firm. From more than 20 senior immigration consultants, business consultants, an Australian professional case by the senior immigration experts for analysis, tailored to the most scientific and rational immigration program, service quality, effective and efficient for a large number of study in Australia, immigration, study , visiting relatives who offer the most convenient service.

Adam Wong & Associates

Wang Certified Public Accountants located in Melbourne, Australia is a business across the professional accounting firm. The firm has a number of listed companies has extensive audit, evaluation experience of registered accountants, appraisers and other professionals. “Independent, objective and fair” principle, providing financial statements audit, audit verification, assets evaluation, consulting and tax-related services.

Wang accounting firms more familiar with Australian native economic development and policies, will provide the Australian equity investment and financing infrastructure and planning advice, Australian investment projects tax consulting and other services, and effectively solve problems encountered in the development of enterprises. Australia business for every Chinese business elite, to provide the utmost support.

Cooperation Agency

EK Immigration Pty Ltd

Australia in conjunction with EK to establish a long-term stable cooperative relations, EK founder Dr. Guan Jing Hong (Dr. Eddie Kwan) named, was established in 1990 in Calgary, Canada. The company initiated “to ensure the application is successful, otherwise money back,” the concept of service to business reputation and integrity of services worldwide reputation. Integrated service network, efficient senior advisory team, and improve brand business chain, so EK reaped widespread concern and the community recognized by customers, but also to many immigrants cherish a dream, the dream of people who study abroad come true!